About Us

About Home Harmony

Established in April 2016, our company is focused on giving solutions to condominiums and houses with small spaces to use. With this, we have opened a space saving concept furniture store where in customers can buy multi-functional furniture, such as beds that can be transformed into a study table, or a sofa that can be transformed into a Queen size bed. In July 2016, we have expanded our product lines by selling smart furniture system where in customers can customize their furniture on the spot. This is another solution we want to extend to our clients, by letting them save their time and money at the same time.

Our Showroom

Located at Granada st. Quezon City


We are the world’s first fully integrated modular design furniture system that allows you to design your own furniture for your unique living space. The outmoded traditional furniture model of one piece of furniture, for a single function, one living space and one style has been made obsolete by a modular design system that allows for multifunctional designs, scalable to the dimensions of any living space, and available in an endless array of material and colors.

Matrix Space

Matrix Furniture CO.,LTD is a factory specialized in wall bed murphy bed designing and manufacturing. Now our technology about mechanism is popular in the world.